National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA)

The construction of NCPA is a major achievement of the reform and opening up, which reflects the enhanced comprehensive national strength in the cultural field and highlights the confidence and determination for the party and the country to vigorously promote advanced socialist culture and promote social harmony.

As China's top performing arts centre, the NCPA will adhere to the three major objectives of '"for the people, for the arts and for the world" and strive its vision to be: A key member of prestigious international theatres; The supreme palace of performing arts in China; The leader of arts education and outreach; The grandest platform for international arts exchange; An important base for cultural and creative industry.

Based on our management philosophy, NCPA always gives top priority to the pursuit of social benefits. NCPA aims to achieve unity in social and economic benefits. Since inauguration, NCPA adhere to the six core values, namely: Perseverance in the principle of for the people, for the arts, for the world; Advocating high-standard and high-quality elegant arts and folk arts; Perseverance in encouragement; Advocating the core value that arts change life; Insisting on evaluating all of our programs from the perspectives of artistry & the market; Perseverance in the operation principle of honesty, win-win and endurance. Adhering to the core values of "arts change life", NCPA continues to provide the public with a high level classic arts, enabling more people to feel the charm of art, improve the understanding, comprehend the true meaning of life, and achieve self-improvement. We have provided a new platform for enriching the public cultural life. After three years of exploration and practice, the NCPA has gradually formed a set of unique model of management, reflecting our scientific management ideas and achieving good effects.

This is a grand building combining post-modern style with traditional Chinese culture in harmony and prosperity, and creating a unique space that transcend time and pace, filled with delicate artistic nature. This is a bright pearl containing passionate melody with graceful chapters flowing and charming dances moving gently, passing forces across culture, language and customs. Here is a palace of performing arts shouldering the mission of cultural revival with inter-resonating world arts and culture. Welcome to the "Pearl on Water"!

National Centre for the Performing Arts